• Hired as a first assistant for photographer Robin Jason. We set up separate photoshoots with Senator Hilary Clinton and President Bill Clinton with Author James Patterson. These jobs consisted of setting up and maintaining lighting and event coverage.

  • Hired as a second assistant for fashion photographer Robert Jackson on a variety of fashion/beauty shoots in 2014. These jobs consisted of picking up/going through rental equipment, setting up and maintaining Profoto B2 strobes with various light modifiers, and taking behind the scenes shots. 

  • Assisted photographer of Perfect Wedding Magazine Gordon Cooper on a bridal shoot for the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 issue.

  • Hired as a behind-the-scenes and promotional photographer for Studio-Director Kate Ehrhardt of Cutting Factory. Please read their testimony below:

    “We hired Maria to take a “behind the scenes” series of shots of our video shoot. Her degree of professionalism on the day was outstanding, and the resulting shots have been used multiple times in our marketing material and have gained us a lot of traction with our prospective customers.”
    Cutting Factory

  • Hired as a first assistant to photographer Dominic Blewett in lighting group shots at the annual DHL Conference, Berlin Germany.